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Getting your son circumcised is a decision you make as a mother. I’ve done my research, and I have decided my son will get circumcised after birth. Besides I really don’t think my son is even gonna care. It’s just cutting a tiny piece of his skin off. Tbh, how many of you…

I’ve done my research & have circumcised my oldest son & this baby boy will be circumcised as well.

Look, of you don’t want your son circumcised that’s your choice. But stop intactivists. Stop spreading the lie that the benefits don’t exceed the risk. The new study out has shown that circumcision in males in Africa has reduced the chances of contracting HIV by 60%. Know what the risk for complication is? .5%. On what fucking plane of existence does .5% risk carry more weight than 60% benefit? There’s no evidence of decreased sensation or sexual gratification. There’s no evidence of it being better to get done as an adult than as an infant- all evidence to the contrary in fact. The risk goes up to 3% chance of complication with adult circumcision. It’s not a big number, sure. But again, in what fucking dimension is a 3% risk better than a .5% risk? Can some one explain this to me?

Thank you, tbh it’s a decision I’ve made, and nothing will change it.

Ok whatever, mutilate your child because it’s “your choice”
But at least READ the studies before you quote them.

There was a decrease in HIV in an improperly conducted study because the guys weren’t having sex WHILE THEIR PENISES WERE HEALING.

I’m sorry, but most men in Africa and circumcised for religious cultural reasons and do you know how prevalent AIDS is in Africa? Spreading the lie that chopping off a useful piece of a sexual organ will stop a disease is criminal.

…As is mutilating your baby’s genitals.

End rant.